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About Lumesmart

Making Peace by Saving Nature from the Effects of Global Warming

As a global presence in the professional lighting market, we are committed to integrating social, economic and environmental considerations into every aspect of our business activities, work practice and retrofit programs. We are constantly building upon our extensive education, expertise and practical knowledge of everything LED related in order to bring you the newest and most advanced eco-friendly lighting technology available in the market.
We pride ourselves on the long term commitments we have held with our clients, customers and stakeholders and ensure that they are always informed of the latest developments.
As a leading provider of LED lighting solutions since 2013, Lumesmart empowers its customers and business partners to grow through smarter, sustainable, and viable lighting solutions.

Our Mission

Our Mission is by Innovative LED Lighting Solutions in Aritech to increase the safety of the food while saving energy and environment

  • Reducing carbon footprint by eco-friendly Lumesmart LED lighting solutions

LumeSmart can help the greenhouse sector by providing energy-efficient and eco-friendly LED products. These solutions enable growers to reduce their carbon footprint and save on energy costs.

  • Customized LED lighting solutions

LumeSmart can offer lighting systems custom-suited to the crop-specific needs of their clients, offering better performance compared to HPS lighting solutions of LED lighting systems.

  • Adjustabl and personalized LED lightingrt

Lumesmart LED systems offer customizable lighting solutions, through adjustable intensity and color spectrum, ideal for custom light formulations, commonly known as ‘light recipes’.

  • Government support through grants
The Federal and Provincial governments have both shown general support for the adoption of LED lighting systems as a method to reduce electricity consumption in the greenhouse industry. LumeSmart can leverage these grants to help offset the cost of switching to LED lighting making it a better financial decision for growers.

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Q What is spectrum ?

Plants detect wavelengths that include ultraviolet radiation (260–380 nm) and the visible portion of the spectrum (380–740 nm) which includes PAR (400–700 nm), and far-red radiation (700–850 nm).
The peak of photosynthetic efficiency (light absorption) falls in the red light and blue light spectrums of the PAR range. Red radiation (around 700nm) is considered most efficient at driving photosynthesis – especially in the flowering stage for biomass growth (important to Cannabis growers). Blue light is essential for both the vegetative and flowering stages of plant growth, but mainly for establishing vegetative and structural growth.

Q What is PAR(Photosynthetic Active Radiation)?

The radiation within a specific wavelength range (400-700 nm) that plants use for photosynthesis is called photosynthetic active radiation.

Q What is PPF (Photosynthetic Photon Flux) ?

The number of micromoles per second of photons emitted by an artificial light source with a wavelength of 400-700 nm,unit: umol/s.

Q What is PPFD(Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density)?

Corresponding to PPF is the number of micromoles per second emitted from the light source per square meter,unit umol/m2s,it’s the idea of density.
PPFD is the PPF within one square meter.

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